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Captive mistress. English-language novels - Антон Анатольевич Шадура - Читать любовный роман онлайн в женской библиотеке LadyLib.Net
Captive mistress. English-language novels - Антон Анатольевич Шадура - Скачать любовный роман в женской библиотеке LadyLib.Net

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Captive mistress. English-language novels

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«Captive mistress. English-language novels» - Антон Анатольевич Шадура

France, XVII century. Young Arabella, not knowing that such wealth and luxury, gets an invitation to the ball. Drugged to flatter the monarch, an innocent girl not notice that he is in the Royal bed. But the fee for the title mistress of the king is too high. The girl will have to visit the intoxicating harem of the East, the flight to sit down on the bed of a hated Sultan, to appear before himself with the Sacred court. And this is only the beginning of a difficult road leading to true love.
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© Elaine Neksli, 2016

© Alina Nikitina, translation, 2016

© Elaine Neksli, cover design, 2016

Created with intellectual publishing system Ridero


The Duke Edward de Frase languished near the bedroom, which gave birth to his wife. All this time, he heard the cries and groans of the beloved. And Edward could only pray that Juliet gave birth to a healthy child and herself alive, because the man knew that his wife could not become pregnant. Soon came the midwife. Her face was terribly sad, and in the eyes of fear had settled. She bowed, weak voice said:

– Mr. Duke…

– My wife gave birth to?

The old wife nodded.

– Yes sir, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, – alas, her voice was not of celebration and joy. But Edward’s eyes lit up with happiness.

And… Juliet? As my beloved wife? asked the Duke.

The old woman looked down and said: "Sir…Madam Juliet failed to save. The birth was very difficult. The poor woman could not survive and went away…to another world. My condolences.

Edward recoiled. It seemed to him that the fire of hell penetrated to the heart: – No,…no,…what are you saying? the Duke darted to the room, beloved. But Juliet was lying with closed eyelids forever. The man was unable to keep back the tears. He staggered, went to his late wife and took her cold hand.

– Juliet! Favorite! Don’t leave me! Please! «moaned Edward. But suddenly he heard quiet weeping of a newborn baby. It was a small little woman with pink cheeks and still closed eyes.

– Monsieur, "came a voice entered midwives: – before the death of Madame has asked that the girl called Arabella, in honor of her late mother.

The Duke took her hand and walked with her in the main gallery of the Palace. There stood the little governess, Antonia, lit by the rays of the setting sun. The girl sat down in a deep curtsy.

– Antonia, I need to talk to you.

– Mr. Duke, I sympathize with Your grief, You have died the wife… But she gave life to Your daughter, sacrificed her for the sake of the child, impulsively sighed the maid, with downcast eyes.

– That the fate of the girl I care about. My wife died, I go on a long military campaign and not know if alive. I don’t want to leave baby Arabella to the care of older nurses, because in case of my death give to the shelter. So, Antonia, please, take the girl yourself. The Lord God gave you your children, let this little angel will become the Apple of your life. Adopt Arabella. But I want to know who fathered her and who is she really daughter asked Edward de Frase.

Antonia looked shocked at his master:

– But I… How can?..

– Do not mind, please. The child needs loving and gentle mother, imploringly said the man.

«I…I don’t know… Oh… Well, the woman took his new daughter in his arms and slowly went to the nursery.

Edward sadly watched the passing of Antonia, and it seemed to him that he sees his daughter one last time.

Part I

“Green rose”

Chapter 1

After sixteen years… France, Bern.

Young Arabella walked in the garden, collecting herbs. She was smart and obedient, and the beauty represented has not opened yet, the delicate rosebud of a precious flower. The girl grew up with the poor girl, Antonia, but she knew that she was born in the family of the glorious and rich Duke.

The sense of foreboding wouldn’t leave her father, Edward. He with a strange shudder, afraid to go into a military campaign. And concerns men confirmed. Monsieur de Frase never came back. The camp was attacked by enemy troops, but the Duke fought to the last and died like a true hero of his country.

Unfortunately, Antonia could not boast of strength of mind and almost parted with life, learning about the tragic death of the owner. Now she had to raise Arabella, not having any help and support.

They lived on the outskirts of the city, in a nice mansion, but the money was never enough. The Duke left this world unexpectedly and left his daughter even a small part of the inheritance. All the property passed to the eldest son, which was born from the first wife of Duke Edward. But, in spite of poverty, Arabella remained to be considered a respected aristocrat, because she was born rich mistress. And the only reason she was accepted into the noble boarding school for a short training. Arabella got a good education, but «out in the highest light» are unable. Poor aristocrat for the past sixteen years of his life remained at the «bottom of society». And her foster mother was worried about the future of their pupils. The old woman often said to his daughter: «Arabella, my dear, before I die, marry some rich gentleman. This is the only opportunity to gain a respected position,» but the girl refused

In the Villa all considered it a provincial lady and said that no one will go to Woo poor commoner. Of course, Arabella knew that girls just jealous of her grace and heavenly beauty. In the village the French were in the same Golden curls that trailed on the back, like a graceful snake, and the blue eyes were like precious sapphires. Arabella was dressed simply. Her outfits were sewn from coarse cloth, and jewelry were forbidden. Even a simple ruby ring was a luxury for the commoner.

One day, Antonia came down completely. She started having fever, nausea, and dizziness. Arabella never for a moment did not depart from the adoptive mother. She cooked, cleaned the house and followed the procedure in a small estate. From birth, the young woman asserted that the beauty of any girl is her hard work, the ability to create the comfort of home and not allow it to die a fiery hearth.

In the early morning, when the sun barely risen, someone knocked at the gate. On the threshold stood Rossellini, holding some sheet of Royal, a huge seal.

– You Mademoiselle de Frase? "asked a fragile young man of fourteen.

«Yes,» nodded Arabella surprised: – And what You need in this hour?

– His Majesty the young king Louis XIII gave You this letter.

This discovery shocked the girl. She has never received from the king no message. Yes, and that should be the great monarch from the provincial Arabella?

Taking the letter, she returned to the room where Antonia was laying.

Who was that letter from? – calmly handed the old lady.

– From king Louis…, – perplexedly responded the daughter of the late Duke.

The old woman merely grinned innocently: «what wants my Lord?

Arabella, having read the letter, whispered: – He invites me to his Palace, to the ball.

«Fine,» Antonia replied, rising on one elbow: – Not everybody gets such an honor. Learn to use the chosen ability and to benefit from it, my girl.

– Mom, look, I don’t want to go. I’m only a poor country girl. What do I do at the ball, which will bring together the Royal family aristocrats? sighed the Frenchwoman.

Her mother told her to sit down: «Arabella,» she began: – do Not forget that you were born in the family of the Duke, which is particularly important at the court of his Majesty the king. And don’t you dare call yourself a commoner, even thinking about this I forbid you. And to the ball you go.

– But I have nothing to wear – sadly shrugged the young Mademoiselle.

– Pick up dress from mistress of Bandung. It is visited by rich sites and has hundreds of different outfits.

In the hot afternoon Arabella went to the estate ladies Bandung. The girl took her modest dress, sewn from rough satin and gold earrings in the form of elongated drops. French not felt joy, going to the Palace of the king. Perhaps the witty intriguer will laugh because of modesty, Arabella.

The next night, the Duke’s daughter, North road in Berlin, ordered the coachman to drive to the Palace of his Majesty the king of France.

Chapter 2

The court of Louis XIII was in the center of Paris. It was a huge, marble estate, surrounded on all sides by parks.

Near the gate was a crowd of dozens of people. Quietly played with the court orchestra consisting of the best musicians of France.

The Butler bowed and took Arabella to the throne room, where he welcomed their guests at the king.

The girl saw standing in a row, pairs. Men dressed in glittering uniforms and trimmed with Golden ribbons, trousers tucked into high boots. Their clothes could not be called simple, but it attracted universal attention, as women looked defiantly expensive, silk dresses with plunging necklines and bare backs looked far not starchy. Unlike the ladies, Arabella was dressed in a fully closed dress, whose only ornament was stamped belt, tight thin waist. The young woman quietly mingled in the crowd.

The Herald, knocking three times on the drum, solemnly proclaimed: His Majesty the king!

Everyone bowed in deep curtseys and low bows. The hall majestically entered himself Louis. His resignation was accompanied by several squires of the noble, foreign families. The monarch never looked, stood along the wall, the crowd, but this time he cast an attentive gaze to Arabella, though she was barely visible from the last row. Having sat on a gilded throne, Louis loudly said: «Dear guests! I with great joy welcome you to their outdated Palace! I’m pleased to announce that the ball will be held in honor of the construction of new estates in the heart of Paris! The will of God, our Creator, I am allowed to start the celebration!

All the couples swirled in a waltz, but only Arabella stood by indifferently and watched. She loved to dance, and who will invite the «gray mouse» at such a delicate dance? She decided to go to the Palace gallery. There on the walls hung hundreds of paintings depicting members of the Bourbon dynasty. But the young woman drew attention to the portrait of Henrietta Maria of France, the younger sister of the king. The artist accurately depicted her elegant beauty and fragility.

More admiring the portraits, the young woman did not notice that she was approached by Louis. Shuddering from his touch, Arabella hastily made a curtsey, bending in the squat and slightly raising the hem of the dress.

– Your Majesty, – timidly said the girl, "I’m Sorry, I didn’t see You.

«Nothing terrible,» the king held it to her face chandelier: – Your beauty has eclipsed my mind, my dear Mademoiselle. I’ve never seen such fiery hair. It seems that the hot fire melted the gold, and adorned them with these lovely locks. And Your eyes have no equal. They settled delight and playfulness. If I had my way, I would have concluded myself in Your sweet captivity.

Blushing to the roots of the hair, the girl shyly lowered her eyes.

– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass You. I rarely had a chance to meet with You, but in those precious minutes, as a boy, I admired You, but was silent. And now I had become a slave of love. Have mercy on the poor in love, fallen from the arrows of Your unforgettable eyes, the king wanted to touch Arabella’s lips, but suddenly moved away from her and with a commanding view said: – Follow me – young woman with downcast eyes, went behind the king. He made a guest in his luxurious, huge room. Dropping into a chair, the king motioned Arabella to sit down.

– Mademoiselle, "he began: – I would like to know where You live and who You raised. Because I know that Your mother died in childbirth and his father died in the war. Who was lucky enough to adopt You?

The girl lowered her, flushed with sudden tears the eyes. She remembered his mother, who sacrificed his life for her, and Arabella’s heart clenched in pain. She never went to the cemetery to see his parents, never talked about them, his mother believed Antonia, although the light made the girl Juliet.

Wiping his tears, Arabella said: «I was brought up by the maid Antonia, the girl could not say: «My mother was a noble woman.» It would have been an insult to the dead Juliet. But Louis did not listen to the words of their guest. He was struck by the idea that the Duke’s daughter, lived under the care of the housemaid whose business was the management of the household and inconspicuous existence in the house of lords.

– What?! You, noble lady, brought up some pathetic girl with dirty streets?! – roared the enraged and shocked by Louis: – And You, my lady, without shame, say about this? These words You desecrate the memory of their deceased parents! A sudden burst of anger filled the heart of Arabella de Frase. The girl screamed and jumped up: – I have not defiled the memory of parents! And do not dare to call Antonia a girl with dirty streets! Yes, I agree that she is poor and no title could not give me, but she is a woman, due to that I live in this world. Mother many years ago, received very risky, adopt me. You still did not exist in this world… So do not judge her… If its about the act of the learned justice, it would be executed, and I was sent to a shelter. In fact the law forbade and forbids the commoner to take under his wing a girl from a rich family. But Antonia did!

The king, smiling, drank crimson wine poured into a crystal glass, and with a furrowed look said: – you Know, Mademoiselle, You are still too young and do not know much about. Yeah, I’m not older than You, but thanks to the title of king, I know a lot about the past… Your mother. It still holds the stigma of sin, which turned a woman’s life is turned on its head. Youth can be silly, but not to this extent.

Arabella could not understand. What sin could make this a chaste woman?

– Tell me about her faults before God. Please – humbly asked the girl.

– No, it’s a long story and a young lady her need to know.

– Do not forget, sire, that Antonia became my mother, and I have the right to know everything about her.

Unable to restrain himself in front of brilliantly blue eyes, Louis XIII sighed: – well, Well, You asked for it. Now listen, pause, the young man began his story: «Your foster mother was an ordinary girl from a poor family. She had everything for full happiness: loving but strict parents, younger sister and brother. But in fifteen years the mother has decided to give his daughter in marriage to a wealthy Baron. Of course, such an age unsuitable for marriage, but Antonia was raised in a constant obedience, not knowing the word «no». Of course, she didn’t want this marriage, but, fearing the wrath of parents, agreed. Held modestly engagement and Antonia expected a quick wedding. But one day near the river, she met the son of a blacksmith. It was a tall, handsome young man. It also attracted the young woman. So Your mother was secretly go out with that guy. They have long sat by the river, talked, laughed, swam in the cool water, caressing the body. But suddenly their friendship turned into a blazing passion of love. Antonia left the house late at night and returned at dawn. Parents are either fast asleep after a hard working day, or away on business.

Of course, love is fine, but the woman found out that is under the heart of a child. Again the night Antonia went to a meeting with her beloved, but she tracked down an old friend. The traitor told all Celeto Mr. and Mrs. Sineer. The girl’s father was infuriated by this news. And with the said Antonia: «you Decide is wrong, either you get rid of the baby and will marry the Baron, or I’ll kill you with my own hands, like the apostate from the parent of the decision and a woman and a disgrace to your family and trample on the part of the family. So what do you choose? But know, your bastard will never appear in this world, because death will befall you before.» Parents Your foster mother, miss, were originally from Iraq, and raised my daughter under Muslim laws. Antonia became a Christian only because of the desire of her grandmother, living in France and who served as the maid of honor of my mother. The woman told her son to move to Paris and to baptize Antonia according to all the commandments of the Bible. Kilat, respecting his mother agreed, but after her death they hated this country and his own family: Sineer, Antonia, and two children.

It is time to make the decision. She wanted the child growing in her womb, was born alive and healthy, but the cruel customs and manners of the country were forbidden to maintain the fragile life.

– How will you look people in the eyes if you have this child? – whispering a resident of the village: – What do you give this kid? Huh? This child is the son of a blacksmith. He was his father. And this shame is known to all the inhabitants of the area. Flush with yourself and with your family is a stain.

Antonia agreed to get rid of the child, fearing the wrath of parents. But with abortion, something was broken, and the midwife told Your mother that she will never be able to have children. Sorrow did not give Antonia the rest. But shortly before the wedding, the Baron learned that his bride was pregnant from the poor boys and had shamed the family. The man refused to marry the girl, the parents chased her out of the house. Your mother wandered in the mountains and lived with poor people, ate one dry bread, wheat porridge and water. Soon the city was attacked by the Tartars and was taken prisoner by Antony. In the slave market it was bought by a slaver, and gave as a gift to Your father – the Duke of Eduardo de Frase. Antonia served in his house for several years, and after the death of Madame Juliette, the Duke gave You to her. It was a real fortune. But Antonia is not worthy of happiness woman. I knew that she adopted You, and so wondered how You feel about it. Unfortunately, You didn’t know anything about the past of his foster mother…


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