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Short Erotic Stories. With Exercises - Ариша Галич - Читать любовный роман онлайн в женской библиотеке LadyLib.Net
Short Erotic Stories. With Exercises - Ариша Галич - Скачать любовный роман в женской библиотеке LadyLib.Net

Галич Ариша

Short Erotic Stories. With Exercises

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«Short Erotic Stories. With Exercises» - Ариша Галич

You are holding an unusual learning aid. This is a collection of stories about love with elements of light eroticism, written by a vital and beautiful language by the modern author Gleb Karpinskiy. The collection of stories is given with exercises, the main purpose of which is to enrich your vocabulary and improve your spoken language. The collection of stories is designed for the Intermediate Level of English grammar.
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Photograph Глеб Карпинский

© Ариша Галич, 2018

© Глеб Карпинский, photos, 2018

ISBN 978-5-4490-4368-9

Created with Ridero smart publishing system


Вы держите в руках не совсем обычное учебное пособие. Это сборник рассказов о любви с элементами лёгкой эротики, написанных живым и красивым языком современным автором Глебом Карпинским. Сборник рассказов дан с упражнениями, главной целью которых является увеличить Ваш словарный запас и улучшить разговорную речь.

Сборник рассчитан на средний уровень знания английской грамматики.

После каждого рассказа дан подробный словарь с транскрипцией трудных для произнесения слов и упражнения на перевод с возможностью проверки себя самостоятельно.

Рекомендуется работать с данной книгой следующим образом:

– Прочитайте рассказ и попытайтесь понять основную суть.

– Затем прочитайте рассказ второй раз, обращаясь к данному ниже словарю при необходимости.

– Воспроизведите рассказ, опираясь на словарь.

– Выполните упражнения.

Надеемся, что Вы получите удовольствие от прочтения данных рассказов, и, кроме того, увеличите Ваш словарный запас и возможность свободно общаться на английском языке.

С уважением,
автор сборника
Ариша Галич



It wasn’t so long ago. The main heroes of those events are still wandering among us, and this story can do harm to their reputation. So, may the reader forgive me for the understatement, however, God is our judge. So, it was drizzling, covering the pavement with sad streams. Here and there leaves were resting on branches, but the most part of them had been burned by janitors. The park was almost deserted; the autumn had entered the rights long time ago. Cyclists were passing by only occasionally, and an old woman was walking her little pug at the dog park. Alyona wanted to pass quietly, but the pug smelt her and began to bark angrily.

“You’re a naughty girl!” the old woman grumbled, and it was unclear whether she grumbled at her disobedient dog or at Alyona.

Alyona even smiled. The idea, that she was naughty, amused her a little and even more: she suddenly got the feeling that she really enjoyed being such a thing. That feeling was almost hidden, but madly obsessive. On the one hand, she was ashamed to face her mother, who had been nursing her disabled husband heroically all her life, and, in spite of this difficult situation, she remained an example of courage and self-devotion. Alyona loved her mother very much and tried to resemble her in all matters. But, on the other hand, the wish to feel like a slutty woman fevered our heroine and made her look for trouble even then, when she was expecting a baby. Apparently, Alyona was different, not like her mother, she was of different paste. She wasn’t prepared to tolerate cold, almost indifferent attitude of her husband. Resentment was gnawing at her all the time, and the feeling of disappointment was driving her mad.

She had been dreaming erotic dreams in recent times, in which there was no place for decency. Her female nature was burning like a volcano. She spent hours in the bathroom; she became engrossed in reading cheap love stories, she watched erotic films by Tinto Brass secretly, and she even flirted under the guise of a mysterious woman with strangers in social media. She was very interested in talks about cheating. At first, she harshly rebuked cheaters, but then she pitied them, found an excuse, and deep down she even envied them.

Life so stuck her, that she perceived any touch of her husband like something disgusting and nasty. In special moments of depression she even admitted to herself, that she had fallen out of love with him. But what kind of divorce could be discussed if she was carrying his child? In addition, they were living in the apartment, belonging to her mother-in-law, who was a loutish female, a tough cookie. And the thought of her financial insolvency further depressed Alyona.

It couldn’t be said that she hadn’t made overtures to get the relationship back on track, far from it. Sometimes she appreciated positive traits of her husband. It kept her calm for a while. For example, she was enjoying the fact, that her husband was able to fix any thing in the house and redecorate their flat on his own. She was also sure, that her husband didn’t cheat her, and he even really loved her. His love was expressed in joint shopping expedition at weekends. She looked back at others and found out, that most of the people lived together by force of habit. She felt herself more mother than wife in this familiar love, and this feeling depressed her, especially in bed. This bed had cooled down after five years of marriage. That’s why they still hoped, that the birth of the child would raise their feelings. And until then, in the rare cases, when the couple had intimacy, Alyona tried to break some uniformity of sex, but all her attempts turned into something horrible and disgusting. Though her curious mind still deterred the poor woman from the unreasonable step, the instinct for self-preservation had weakened, and an equally strong natural feeling took its place – it was the instinct of carnal love. This instinct burned the last moral bastions of her conscience.

Night was falling quickly; and but for the lamps along the alleys, the park would have dived into the darkness very soon.

There was no moon, no stars in the sky: everything was shrouded in clouds and the incessant rain was as the confirmation of it. Alyona enjoyed walking at this late hour, though she was afraid of her breast to catch cold. So, she wrapped several sweaters and jackets around her, and she seemed very clumsy, and, in fact, so it was. Her tummy was growing like mad; Alyona was five months pregnant, and friends jokingly called her country woman Nyura. Although, unlike country woman Nyura, Alyona was wearing a short skirt, and you could see her shapely legs clad in elegant stockings Girardi. There was also an elegant ladies’ handbag by Michael Kors on her shoulder, which had been given to her by her mother-in-law for some absurd reason.

But what Alyona did like best of all – were black tall boots with high heels. She didn’t remember the brand, but she knew for sure, that not every pregnant woman could allow such wantonness like these tall boots. They were as if created for princesses: the most delicate suede, the airy tread, Italian design, which knew the sense in female charm, – everything was in these black tall boots. You could hear a joyfully pitter-patter of these high heels on the pavement, and the owner of these tall boots thought of herself as someone, who was a bird, which had flown away from a stifling golden cage. The woman doctor from maternity welfare clinic was surprised all the time, that Alyona’s ankles weren’t swollen, and she examined them with suspicion and envy every time. That used to make Alyona blush and worry.

That night there was an elegant, varicoloured umbrella with a long handle in Alyona’s hand, which she was holding above herself, protecting her beautiful golden hair from the grey sky. Alyona had a pleasant smell of French perfume and sweet caramel, pieces of which she was sucking, smacking her lips quietly. She was walking along the alley without any hurry, and the night fog, creeping from the ponds and the forest, was shrouding her in a magic haze. She was almost merging with drizzling rain and seemed to be merely a shadow.

That night she definitively decided to find an adventure. It was deserted as before. And Alyona was already cursing football, not least because of all normal man’s men were staying at home, and she, so beautiful and noticeable woman, was alone and bored. That was the reason, why her heels went pitter-patter so aloud on the pavement in the hope of drawing attention of a passing pedestrian. She wanted to start smoking and even to be drunk, although she hadn’t smoked and been drunk before. But the park was so deserted, that she was becoming frightened of attacking dogs. At that moment, as ill luck would have it, a pack of dogs ran past along the forest, like a shadow. And Alyona already decided to return home. Before that, she made a slow circle around the glade and stopped at the dormant till spring fountain. There she even wanted to burst into tears, leaning on the metal railing, but she failed, and, so, she just tried to see her reflection in the dim glow of the lantern.

In that very moment she felt somebody approach her from behind. He did it almost silently and even furtively. Alyona wanted to turn around, but this someone grabbed her belly skillfully from behind, like an old friend, not allowing her to recognize him. Strong man’s hands clasped her around and squeezed, like two pythons; something flashed in the darkness, and the woman thought, that it was a knife, but it was a wedding ring on his ring finger.

Alyona was not timid if she could afford to walk around the park so late under such circumstances. Most likely, she cried out in reaction. The hand of the stranger went under her skirt, rudely squeezing thighs and making his way in the panties unceremoniously. The umbrella in Alyona’s hand gave a shake, but she didn’t drop it. From the outside they seemed to be like two lovers, who stood dreaming near the lamppost. Running a hand under her skirt, he was hugging her from behind and jiggling her a little, like a tumbler toy in a hypnotic dance. It looked funny to Alyona: several sweaters, a jacket, a big belly… She quickened breathing, having felt the mounting excitement. She wanted more than only fingers, and she whispered into the darkness of the fountain:

“Fuck me.”

And these two indecent words, which were addressing to the stranger and having fallen from her almost virgin lips, inflamed her imagination more; and she suddenly felt a strong wave and gave a scream, unable to control herself.

“There are condoms in the handbag,” she whispered and wanted to turn around.

The stranger pulled his hand loose. His hot, wet fingers closed woman’s eyes, and she involuntarily felt the smell of her own excited flesh. Alyona always liked initiative, she tried to remember, when her husband showed the initiative, but she couldn’t, maybe it was before the wedding. But right now she was being swung like a doll, and she didn’t resist, when the strong masculine hands turned her around to him and lowered her almost to her knees. She kept holding the umbrella, which edges bumped into the stranger’s chest and hid the visibility from above.

Before, she had always believed the blowjob to be a humiliation for a woman, but that situation aroused her so much, that she unwittingly opened her mouth, when the stranger undid his pants. But what she wanted to take turned out to be too much for her fantasy, and this big thing only touched her cheek, eyes, forehead, and it wasn’t given to her. There was some kind of a game between this thing and Alyona for two or three seconds. The woman tried to catch it with her lips, when it was close, but she didn’t succeed. She was being played like a stupid donkey with a carrot.

And she even wanted to boil over, make a scandal, speak out about what was happening, how he could make fun of her like this. And at that very moment when she wanted to do it, that thing entered her mouth, which had opened with indignation, and pressed against her throat. She tried to move back reflexively, but the man didn’t let her do it, and, on the contrary, he pressed her head against his groin even more, and at that moment Alyona felt a hot flow erupting in her throat. She began to cough, choking, because she didn’t want to swallow it, and the man, taking advantage of her confusion, stepped back into the darkness.

And though the face of the stranger was hidden in the darkness, it seemed to Alyona that he was smiling, and she smiled back. She got up and dusted herself off, raised her umbrella over her head, tossed her golden hair, but the man hurried to the subway, plashing through the puddles carelessly.

“Is that all?” Alyona shouted after him, still feeling the taste of his semen on her lips.


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